Volume 1
Fall 2023


Emerging out of the recent pandemic, Neither is interested in creating a space for new and experimental photographic practices emerging out of South Asia and from the diaspora. However, our ultimate aim is to avoid labels based on region, nation or identity, and so this publication is neither this, nor that. It offers no grand narrative and instead foregrounds the photographic. It welcomes creative production from everywhere and reflects life as its producers and contributors experience it. What is common to all its constituent parts is a commitment to visual language and the way this forms our understanding of the world.

In this first issue of Neither, you will find fifteen artists working with the medium: Millo Ankha, Olgaç Bozalp, Philippe Calia, Tenzing Dakpa, Kapil Das, Charlie Engman, Devashish Gaur, Abhishek Khedekar, Katrin Koenning, Anu Kumar, Sathish Kumar, Akshay Mahajan, Kaamna Patel, Miraj Patel and Lorenzo Vitturi. Written contributions are from Muna Gurung, Raghav Pasricha, Sunil Shah and Alisha Clytus Sett. Neither is the creation of Bharat Sikka, edited by Sunil Shah and has been designed by Loose Joints Studio.

November 2023
180 × 240 mm
368 pages
2 cover variants

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Bharat Sikka
Sunil Shah
Loose Joints